Golden Root Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Golden Root Co., Ltd. is specialized engaging in OEM to produce many kind of power bits and supplier of the hexagonal wrench, had been established since 1989. By continuously cooperation with Europe, American various factory generation of labor partner establishes the faith for main management pattern. In the international market, the fine goodwill & good relation feed back from wide clients in global. Golden Root exclusive sales "Mungo" brand in initial period, marketing fixing series product and had been authorized manufacture hand tools sell in Asian region, and required extremely good market place, for consideration product innovation and global creation, brand "PANRICO" deeply introduced to market and provides end user best services. In the last few years, for further serves the customer, to create the merchant higher value-added, after innumerable is expanding the investment, setting the reorganization, transforming customer of design center for the specialty, and the service center to market domain expands to the hardware tool, building material, project, fixing system and so on. Refer to our professional hand tools, including power tools, cordless drill & driver, impact driver, bits, power bits, reduced bit, bits set, hex wrenches, hexagon sets, socket bits, socket, bits socket, screwdriver & sets, power screwdriver. Some of construction material, including resin capsules, resin cartridge, resin chemicals, nylon plug, nylon hammer plug, drill bits, hammer drills bits, cutter, cutting machine, masonry drill bits, foam chemicals, waterproof resin, structural reinforcement fiber. Along with time trend change fast, Golden Root continuously innovates and creates many different products, i.e. Auto parts, Auto repair tool, etc, in order to comply with different customer demands. Because the customers strong request, we also make business expanding to machinery output exports. Grasps for the customer design the best product & create best value, welcome to provide each relative demand, and we can be the fastest establishment offering complete service.

Main Products

Our main products include (1) hand tools, cordless power tools, air tools, auto repair tool, screwdrivers, insert bits, spanners, impact wrench, ratchet wrenches, air hammers, power drills, air grinders, socket wrench sets, pliers, nippers, driver sets, caulking guns, car accessories, professional tool sets, hex wrenches, auto parts, project tools, cordless drill & driver, reduced bits, sanders, power hand saw (polishers), air die grinder (knife, nibblers, needle scalers), sealing guns, engraving pens, punch & flanges, suckers, precision screwdrivers & sets, ratchet screwdriver handles, combination wrenches, measure tapes, ceiling boards, plastics anchors, machining tools accessory. (2) building materials, resin capsules, resin cartridges, resin chemicals, nylon plugs, nylon hammer plugs, hammer drills bits, cutting machines, masonry drill bits, foam chemicals, waterproof resins, structural reinforcement fibers. OEM and ODM orders are acceptable.