Juh Jiang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Aluminum/ Zinc Casting And Die-Casting Mold Manufacturer


Company Introduction

An aluminum/ zinc castings and die-casting molds manufacturer, located at south of Taiwan, has been supplying highest quality castings and molds of all configurations directly to customers. We are an ISO-9001 approved manufacturer with more than 20-year experiences in OEM ranging. Our castings services will continue to earn its excellent reputation for the efficient production. We supply the one-stop-shop for all your casting needs from mold design, mold making, die casting, machining, de-burring, and packaging. Mold analysis software, CNC machines, ten TOYO die casting machines, made in Japan, and high quality instrumentation adopt for mold design and production of aluminum and zinc alloy products. It is our goals to progress in special die casting technology and grow up profit margin for customers. Welcome any client concerning about cost down and good quality, please contact with us now!

Main Products

Manufacturer of metal die casting parts, components, aluminum and zinc alloy die casting molds which are used in automotive, motorcycle, telecommunication equipment, pneumatic & hydraulic component, hand tool, industrial tools, bicycle accessories, garden tool sets, sporting goods, toy, and furniture accessories, lawn and garden tool, small engine parts, lighting equipment, valve, bath hardware, fitting, suspension parts, cylinder head, plumbing hardware, computer peripheral and so on.