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New CNC Lathes (Slant Bed Lathes)

slant bed lathes

  • Model No: CNE-20
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Optimum structural design a new definition for rigidity and stability:
With years of efforts of research and development, the Shun Chuan's slant bed CNC lathe will offer the unique rigidity. The design concept behind the CNE-20/CNE-26 series is to enhance heavy duty, precision and stability. With its excellent machine structure, you can handle heavy cutting with more ease than ever before.
2. Complete oil fluid separation:
(1) In addition to the oil fluid separation design on X- and Z-axes, the cutting fluid tank is specially designed with a labyrinth construction to fully exhaust the floating oil.
(2) This assures no oil in the cutting fluid. Double filters in the fluid tank to ensure a clean recirculated fluid.
3. Programmable tailstock:
(1) The ruggedly constructed, programmable tailstock and quill movement can be controlled on the control panel for easy set-up and accurate positioning.
(2) Tailstock movement is driven by turret slide.
4. Tool pre-setter:
(1) The tool pre-setter effectively reduces cutting tests while saving machining time.
(2) The mechanism is used for measuring the tool diameter and length.
(3) The tool adjustment arm is powered and program controlled.
5. Powerful spindle drive:
The spindle is driven by a powerful motor, providing great horsepower output for heavy duty machining.

Specification :

1. Standard accessories:
(1) CNC controller: FANUC 0i-TC.
(2) Boring bar holder: 2 sets.
(3) O.D./facing tool holder: 2 sets.
(4) U drill holder: 1 set.
(5) Boring socket : For H10 * Ø12/Ø16/Ø20/Ø25/Ø32: 1piece for each. * Drilling socket MT.3 x Ø40: 1 piece.
(6) Boring socket : For H12 * Ø12/Ø16/Ø20/Ø25: 1 piece for each. * Drilling socket MT.2 xØ32: 1 piece.
(7) Chip conveyor and chip bucket cart.
(8) Pedal switch for chuck open and close.
(9) Hydraulic hollow chuck with rotary cylinder.
(10) Programmable tailstock with hydraulic clamp system.
(11) Hydraulic system with tank for power chuck, turret and tailstock quill.
(12) Work light.
(13) Coolant system.
(14) Heat exchanger.
(15) Rotating center MT.4: 1 set.
(16) Machining finishing l amp.
(17) Auto lubrication system.
(18) Level pads: 6 pcs.
(19) Toolset and box.
(20) Operation manual.
(21) Maintenance manual.
2. Optional accessories:
(1) Auto door.
(2) Transformer.
(3) Collet chuck.
(4) Parts catcher.
(5) Auto tool pre-setter.
(6) CE configuration.
(7) Auto bar feeder w/interface.
(8) Air blow system.
(9) VDI 30 x 12 tools / □20mm electronic type turret.
(10) Cs axis control and function with break system/VDI 30 revolving tool turret.
3. Please refer to the attached file for the specification details.

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