Jun Ting Electric Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Jun Ting Electric Co., Ltd. specialized in production, design and maintenance of distribution transformers. Our main products include oil transformers, dry type transformers, case resin transformers, potential transformers, current transformers, fuse cutout and so on.

Our transformers have passed through ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. According to customers’ norms, as well as IEC, NEMA, ANSI, JEC, CNS, and related standards for design and production. Our good quality has deeply received well reputation.

We manufactured various types of products, and customized high frequency transformers according to customers’ demands. Rigid and complete QA Systems, together with the whole line self-examinations through layers of Quality Control. Each shipment attached with an inspection report. We will provide the excellent transformer products, technologies and customer services to manufacture the best quality products for clients.

Main Products

Manufacturer of distribution transformers, oil immersed transformers, dry type transformers, cast resin transformers, potential transformers, current transformers, amorphous core transformers, power transformers manufacturers, distributed pole-mounted transformer, distributed pad-mounted transformer, mold-case transformer, instrument transformer, current transformer, high-voltage transformers, low-voltage transformer, fuse cutouts, OEM products.