Hsieh Hsu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

In the 21st century, Hsieh Hsu Machinery Co., Ltd. continues to invest in the latest technology, cultivate technical expertise, and develop computer production control programs that maximize the quality and efficiency of our corrugated board machinery ranges. Affiliated enterprises such as DongGuan Hsieh Hsu Machinery Co., Ltd, the High Precision Gear Machinery Co., Ltd., and Suzhou Hsieh Hsu Machinery Co., Ltd. are a part of the company's program for the planning, design, manufacture and full installation of corrugated board machinery to their overall blueprint. To establish a worldwide sales network with full operational support has been the business goal of Hsieh Hsu Machinery Co., Ltd. since it began trading in 1980. Steady growth year on year has seen the company exporting an average of 85% of output. Further expansion of this global network is planned while existing sales and service centers are being constantly upgraded to maximize customer care levels. Investment in the latest computer technology guarantees total control in every facet of Hsieh Hsu's operation. Benefits include instant progress monitoring of production schedules and immediate access to stored detail of all component parts, finished units, spares availability, etc. The large spares and equipment inventory are combined with a proficient network of service centers around the world, thus optimizing customer after sales service. Affiliated company, DongGuan Hsieh Hsu Machinery Co., Ltd. in China, has been established to strengthen the fabrication and grinding service for corrugator rolls in Southeastern Asia, Mainland, and Suzhou. Hsieh Hsu Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established to serve customers in Northeastern Asia and North China, reflecting just one small part of Hsieh Hsu's quality and service commitment to customers.

Main Products

Main products include corrugated cardboard making machines, paper machinery, corrugated carton equipments, corrugated box makers, glue machine, double facers, slitter scores, computerized production control systems, small parts, grinding services, shaftless mill roll stands, preheaters for liners, single facers, preconditioners for medium, triplex preheaters, overhead bridge conveyors, double backers, rotary shears, N.C. slitter scorers, NC cutoff auto down stackers, sheet delivery, auto splicers, cutters, counters, NC cut-off knives, etc.