Chia Ta World Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Chia Ta World Co., Ltd. is principally engaged in the manufacture, processing and distribution of steel products including high carbon steel wires, galvanized steel wires, un-galvanized and galvanized steel wire strands, un-galvanized steel ropes and pre-stressed concrete (PC) steel wires and strands as well as pre-stressed concrete (PC) steel bars. Our products are widely used in Spring/Suspension Industry, Mattress Manufacturing, Pre-stressed Concrete Products Industry, Infrastructure (Bridges, Beams, and Civil Engineering), Construction Industry and much more.

Chia Ta World Co., Ltd. (ISO 9001) was established in 1973 in Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C. Due to the production expansion, we have been further invested two additional manufacturing sites in 1985 and 1996 respectively. Chia Ta not only endeavors to make the best product quality by investing the highest quality machineries from overseas to facilitate production efficiency and product reliability but our staff are also well-trained to make sure that all products from Chia Ta World are consistent and well-controlled under ISO 9001:2008/CNS 12681 quality control system.

In 1998, Chia Ta also established a national qualified laboratory (CNLA) to make further assurance of our product quality. We have formally been approved by the Ministry of Finance, R.O.C. to be listed on the Taiwan stock exchange market (Code: 2033) since 2000. We are committed to providing quality products and to complying with various international standards to our customers.

The Principle Management of Chia Ta World is to:
A) Achieve Business Diversification
B) Refine Management System
C) Achieve Corporative Internationalization
D) Achieve Top-grade Personnel Development

A) Research & Development
B) Enhance Company's Core Competence
C) International Cooperations
D) Enhance Product Competitiveness
E) Sustainability

Main Products

Manufacturer of general steel & galvanized steel wires, un-galvanized and galvanized steel wire strands, un galvanized steel ropes, steel bars, steel wire, wire ropes, PC strands, PC steel bars, spring wires, music wires, oil tempered wires, carbon wires, high carbon wire, patenting wires, industrial materials, GI steel wire & strand, (un) GI steel wire ropes, hard drawn steel wires, ULBON bars, deformed bar, and the like.