Fu Ming Industry Co., Ltd.

OEM /ODM Metal Stamping parts!(machining)


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Fu-Ming Ltd. was established in 1981. We design and manufacture high precision molds with a devoted management team, superior technical capability, and state-of-the-art mechanical equipment. Armed with excellent production technology and a rigorous quality control system, we provide a wide variety of OEM / ODM metal stampings. Our products are not only custom-made in accordance with required specifications but also guarantee customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this end, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system has been implemented to manage the production process by maintaining and managing the data in each stage. Fu-Ming has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification. Additionally, thanks to our outstanding achievement in management and quality control, we were acknowledged as the “Best Small- And- Medium Enterprises” in 2009 by the Taichung County government in Taiwan. With both national and international recognitions, Fu-Ming is well known in the industry for its excellence in quality and reliability.

1. High Standard of Management
(1) Sustainable operation
(2) Recruit & train people who demonstrate the outstanding talent in technical and business fields
2. High State-of-the-Art Technical Ability
(1) Research and Development
(2) Sustainable growth
3. High Quality Control
(1) Advanced mechanical equipment
(2) Up-to-date training
4. High Quality Service
(1) Satisfied customer needs
5. High Growth
(1) Creative ability
(2) Diversification of business

Main Products

Design and develop stamping molds, such as metal stampings, progressive molds, progressive dies, spring parts, lathe parts, air & pneumatic tool parts, stationery accessories, hand tools accessories, nonmetal accessories.