Lan Chang Electric Co., Ltd.



Company Introduction

Lan-Chang was established since 1988, which is experienced in manufacturing various kinds of AC Motors and the leader for production of Brushless DC Motors for Air Conditioner and Controller in Taiwan. Basing on 20 years of independent R&D, Lan Chang successfully improves the processing to mass productions and avoids shock proof and decrease the conduction noise. While many novel features have been patented, the technology has also been adopted by some leading manufacturers in Taiwan, including Teco, Sampo, Sanyo, etc.

Main Products

Manufacturer of various air conditioner and controller motors- brushless DC motor, indoor unit fan motors, window-type motors ( indoor/ outdoor), outdoor unit fan motors, fan coil motor, AC to DC controller, AC resin mold motor, air-cooled type frozen water host fan motor, BLDC motors, and so forth.