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Give Me Five-aggregate Bandwidth System

aggregate bandwidth systems

  • Model No: ARG-GM5
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Description :
The innovative and easy multipath wireless Internet connection When it comes to wireless Internet connection for a portable computer, the access speed is always not enough. But now you have an effective solution – the Give-Me-Five wireless multipath access. In Give-Me-Five, multiple wireless connections are virtually bonded into a single channel with aggregated bandwidth. Bonding works like port trunking. Bonding creates high-bandwidth pipes for data transport in your high traffic network. Bonding also creates redundant links, fault tolerance and load balancing networks. It essentially delivers high availability in your network segment

Features :
■ Aggregate multiple WAN connections.
■ Breaking bandwidth limitation of ISP.
■ Higher capacity by combining bandwidth.
■ Accelerate download speed.
■ Maximum bandwidth allocation among users.
■ Combine with wired and/or wireless connections.
■ Ensure a continuous connection.

Specification :

Specification : Give Me Five Specification How Give-Me-Five works? The Give-Me-Five bonding involves combining 2 or more AP connections into a single 'virtual' connection to achieve faster download and upload bandwidth speeds and increased reliability. The virtual bonded connection combines the bandwidth capacity of the wireless conduit connected to each AP and presents itself to the host computer as a virtual network connection with an IP address. Fire up the Give-Me-Five and it will search and automatically identify previously connected APs, and designate them for access by individual wireless network adaptor; Disconnection from an AP triggers failover instantly, with reconnection try scheduled; Connection is irrelevant of AP type, whether it is private or public; Only the virtual IP address is exposed; Bond any type of AP connection, combine similar or different types of AP connections, be it private or public. Reduce limitations of Internet technologies. Aggregate multiple connections.

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