Chiao Teng Hsin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Chiao Teng Hsin Enterprise Co. Ltd., founded in 1990, combining with traditional techniques, professional production, and specialized safety, is a leading specialized ladder designer, exporter, and manufacturer in Changhua, Taiwan. We have more than 50 varieties and dozens of specifications of products, mainly including folding ladder, stool ladder, FPP combination ladder, FRP stool ladder, and other special size ladder. Over the past decades, Chiao Teng Hsin has insisted on maintaining the highest quality of ladder standard, innovated novel ideas to improve traditional styles and supplied superior profession, and kind service for customers. Furthermore, our business is not only promoting our products in domestic markets, but also trading into worldwide industries of ladder markets. Nowadays, you can see our products in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, American, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and so on. Therefore, insistence standard is our main idea why we are able to establish and maintain a long-term partnership with our customers around the world. In order to approach a variety of demands for the public and different industries, we have contributed to advanced assortment of specialized ladders. We also concern that safety is significant for users when they are using the ladder at work. As a result, keeping the standard of the ladder quality is our responsibility and obligation. Thus, having full-scale, advanced and systematic manufacturing process and choosing higher grades raw material to produce the ladder determinedly are the important promises to commit our customers. As you can see, Chiao Teng Hsin will always assure your safety in our mind. Our products are also in according with GS/TUV, BSI, ANSI, CSA and UL Certification. We also achieve the international standard for the carrying weight requirement. To be the leader of industry of ladder, we continuously enhance quality and safety. Due to having essential ability to explore innovate, development and design, we have enable it to be the largest ladder manufacturer in Taiwan.

Main Products

Manufacturer of stool ladders, stationary work ladders, bridge ladders, mobility ladders, household ladders, fiberglass combination ladders, folding ladders, stepladders, aluminum ladders, training ladders, pal ladders, warehouse ladders, aluminium ladder, safety step ladder, fiberglass ladder, FPP combination ladder, FRP stool ladder.