Kou Sheng Feng Co., Ltd.

Providing Lifting Equipments, Diamond Core Drills, & Cutting Machine


Company Introduction

With over 40 years experience of invention in design field, Kou Sheng Feng Co., Ltd. has now new and swift R&D skills as well as an excellent culture of manufacturing ability. KSF takes an attitude of striving for perfection in R&D of products, refinement and tests, so KSF has acquired over 200 international patents. KSF provides customers with a whole series of complete and unique machinery items for choices, such as lifting equipment, diamond core drill, cutting machine, OEM & ODM, etc. In terms of design, functionality and convenience, we are the leading one to know the market demands best in this industry. KSF has diversified equipment, emphasizing on customer-oriented focus and enhancing customer satisfaction to provide the best conditions of customization. According to customers’ needs, the customized products are tailor-made in design, prototype producing, formal mass-production, plus flexible ability in assembly, so our customers’ satisfaction is enhanced. KSF has abundant practical experience, emphasizing on customers’ responses to establish a good image. We can share experience with customers and make mutual growth, to build a good cooperative relationship of mutual trust and interactions.

Main Products

Manufacturer of (1) portable lifters, drywall lifters, cargo lifters, passenger lifters, material lifters, portable glass lifters, glass lifters, industrial lifting equipments, lift kits. (2) diamond core drills, hand-held diamond core drills, vacuum pumps, drill rigs, diamond core bits. (3) wall cutters, hydraulic cutting main sets, hydraulic pumps, wall cutter accessory, blades. (4) OEM, ODM.