Tai Erh Enterprise Co., Ltd.

We are the leading fabric and swimwear manufacturer.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Tai Erh enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1977. We offer both ODM and OEM services to our clients in the production of fabrics and garments for swim wear, sports wear and casual wear. We specialize in knitted fabrics with modal, bamboo, cotton, polyester, spandex and nylon. In addition we also provide woven fabrics, printed fabrics and various functional fabrics. Our business has been built on sustainable growth, with the focus on customer-orientation and establishing long-term business relationships. We differentiate from our competitors in that we see ourselves in offering a service and experience rather than simply selling a product. Based on our philosophy, we have since became one of the leading fabric and swimwear manufacturer in Taiwan. In order to stay ahead of the market trend, we have close relationships with suppliers, developing innovative fabrics with new types of fibres, and also bringing in the latest machines to improve our product quality. We also interact closely with academics and designers to stay at the front of the fashion trend. Our main market is the haute swimwear industry in the US and EU, but we are also expanding our business in Japan, Australia and various emerging markets.

Since the beginning of this company, our main goal has been to produce the best fabric product with the highest quality. We emphasize on honesty, team work and management efficiency. These have been the motivations excelling our company. In recent years, our company has strived on production technology, quality management, market exploration and customer services. We also focus on world recognition and patents, to achieve the next level of excellence.

In order to stay with the market trend, we will keep researching in order to fit the needs of the market especially the market in the Europe and United States. Through cooperation with other well-recognized international company, not only we will be using fully automated and highly efficient equipments, but also explore the area in cost and diversity of our products to insure the highest advantage in competition.

Main Products

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