Tien Kwang Shin Ind. Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Tien Kwang Shin Industrial Corporation was founded in 1951 and started with manufacturing a variety of industrial brushes, like steel brush and wheel brush. At that time, not only did the staff of Tien Kwang Shin possess mature manufacturing skills and offer good-qualified product, but also took customers' demands to be top priority. These are the reasons why the clients give their thumbs up when it comes to Tien Kwang Shin. With the customers' support and the new thought of "strive for the best", Tien Kwang Shin has been growing up by putting the new idea into practice. After established around 6 decades and gone through several removes and expanding, Tien Kwang Shin is now located in Kaohsiung County, Hunei Township, which is close to Provincial Highway No. 1. The factory occupies 10,000 square meters and consists of an elite group of 80 staff who are capable of offering professional design, great product, and complete service.

To maintain the good quality and to raise up the competition, we've been working on researching up-to-date manufacturing technology and developing better product. Because of these outstanding achievements, Tien Kwang Shin, therefore, makes a big step ahead of other competitors. Meanwhile, we acquire ISO 9001-2000 Certificate in 2001 and equip with state of the art facilities to produce reasonable and practical products, which contain household and industrial brushes. The business links to continuous production line such as brush roll, scrapers, non-woven wringer roll, mill roll, spray roll, and so on. The users include steel manufactory, paper-making industry, Hi-Tech, etc.

To deliver the cargo promptly, we always get all kinds of steel material and bristles ready in the warehouse. Our team aggressively invest in increasing and re-equipping cleanings, spray, scraper, and polishing equipments for the production line of steel manufactory and Hi-Tech. More than these, we also get into planning, drafting design, manufacturing, installation, and power distribution.

Main Products

Manufacture of hand tool & industrial tools include (steel, copper, nylon, stainless steel wire) round brushes, brushing rolls, brush industrial designs, steel roller blade equipment non-woven rolls, BBQ brushes, wire scratch brushes, brass wire/brake caliper brushes, roller brushes, channel brushes, fitting brushes, wallcovering/roffing/coating brushes, wire wheels, and so on.