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Company Introduction

Company Profile:
In 1979, we have been developing total water solution to families. This success starts with our marketable designs. Our 30 R&D specialists help us to release new products per year. Our attracted design and good quality is one of the reasons that most of our clients want to cooperate with us. If you are looking for an experienced supplier to help you extend your business especially in the water field, we are no-doubt your only choice for sharing with you good profit and after service. Our service for you include on site installation, troubleshooting and warranty. With a staff of over 300 and 10 production lines at our ISO 9001:2000 certificated factory, we can produce over 10000 unites in every month. We offer CE, CSA, ISO, NSF, WQA, RoHS, Special Patents and Quality Report to meet our worldwide market regulations. Our goal is provide high quality of safe product to all over the world.

We protect customers and make sure they have good profit and long-term business. Our customers include Carrefour, RT-Mart and over 400 distributors from around the world. We maintain a modern R&D center, which includes a laboratory with ultra-modern testing equipment for improving the quality of our products. The main focus of Chanson Water Co. is to help produce the healthiest water in the world. Our products have quickly become some of the most highly regarded and renowned water and health products in Taiwan, as well as throughout Asia, Europe and the US.
We have the best R&D team in the water industry, and have many the first records, such as 262K color LCD screen, In-Mold decoration panel design and electronic faucets…etc. Our 60 R&D specialists help us to release new products on each year, this strong professional group which compose with material engineer, hardware, firmware & electronic engineer, we have 7 doctor's degree 15 master degree of specialists.

We keep in mind to create environmentally products and processes, reduce energy consumption and extend appliance life cycles, with 30 years behind us. We are confidence that we will have the most quick of yearly growth, base on the ethical conduct which guides us to give our customers safe with high quality water.

Main Products

We manufacture home & kitchen supplies, including alkaline water ionizer, water filtration, NF/ RO ( Reverse Osmosis) system, shower filter, VS-70 under counter water ionizer, angel under counter water ionizer, miracle counter top water ionizer, violet counter top water ionizer, EDEN counter top water ionizer, ultra filter, easy-combined water filters series, R.O. LCD touched electronic faucet, NF-670M nanofiltration, calcium sulfite, SPA shower filter.