Tehchang Leather Products Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Tehchang Leather Products Co., Ltd was established in 1979. Tehchang was the first company in Asia to develop high molecular PU-Leason leather, and also implementing computerized management. There are three main product groups of sport (leisure), outdoor (hiking), and ladies shoes. The leathers are suitable for products such as shoes, sofa, clothes, and leather products. In order to meet the market’s demand, Tehchang ensures continuous learning and improvement from all personnel. Through continuous improvement in technological innovation, production process, quality control, and satisfying consumer needs, we hope to guarantee our quality policies of service, quality, innovation, and excellence. The main foundation of the culture of Tehchang is honesty and caring. From this belief, we extend this concept into the company’s five main principles, which are industrial safety, quality assurance, innovation, profit sharing, and environmental protection. The Pai family is in the hide manufacturing business for over 50 years. In order to ensure long-term operation, Tehchang focuses on activities that include innovating new products, updating the management principles, encouraging employees to invest in the company, profit sharing, and in helping the community.

Main Products

we provide molecular PU-Leason ( embossed, synthetic, sponge, artificial, faux, PU synthetic, split) leather for sport ( leisure), outdoor ( hiking), ladies leather ( lady, baby, babies) shoes, sofas, clothes, bags, high back leather chairs, leather swivel chairs ( garment, dining chairs, lounge chairs, furniture, executive chairs) and other leather goods & products.