Chang Bin Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer and marketer of hardware for professional, industrial, consumer and home improvement use. The main products include picture hangers,hooks, bolts, fasteners, riggings, die casting products,small packing and etc. Approved by the SGS with the certification of ISO-9002 quality assurance system.

Main Products

office, home ( household), kitchenware, restroom hardware- (1) small packing- blister & skin cards, clear cases (with hanging plates), display cases, square buckets (with compact board type), round buckets, brief cases. (2) riggings- bow shackle, swivel eye snap hooks, swivel (with eye & jaw type,eye + jaw type,jaw + jaw type), turnbuckle (eye + hook type,jaw + jaw type,hook + hook type,eye + eye type), safety eye hooks, twisted shackles, stainless steel sheet shackles, stainless steel snap hooks (with eye type), stainless steel wire rope thimble. (3) fasteners- spring toggle, spring toggle rod, threaded rods, furniture studs, hitching pins, hanger bolts, cross recessed countersunk (flat) head wood screws, cross recessed pan head wood screws, socked countersunk (oval) head wood screws, cross recessed pan head machine screws, sluted round head machine screws, wall plugs, lag screw shields, single expansion anchors, double expansion shields, double expansion shields, hammer drive anchors, wood screw lead shields. (4) hooks- cup & square hooks, screw hooks, unshouldered square hooks, closed S hooks, safety gate hooks & eye, screw eye, large screw thread, unshouldered cup hooks, hitching ring bolts. (5) pegboards- pegboard hooks, tool holders, shelf bracket, loop peg hooks. (6) bolts- clothesline hooks, eye bolts, U bolts, plain square hooks, J bolts, C screws, O screws, L screws, split head L screws. (7) picture hangers- rose push pin hooks, colonial push pin hooks, frame push pin hooks, sawtooth push pin hooks, eagle push pin hooks, fleur push pin hooks, push pin hooks, nail. (8) other hardware- safety cup hooks, kitchen hooks, cup hooks, coat & hat hooks, swag hooks, towel rail brackets & pillar, rod sockets ( round base & oval base).