Richmech Industrial Co., Ltd.

A Global Supplier of Packaging Machines and Processing Equipment.


Company Introduction

RichMech is a global supplier of packaging machines and processing equipment. We offer bottling equipment, filling machines, tablet presses, capsule filling machines, labeling equipment, blending equipment and more. Our company specializes in the nutritional, personal care, household products, food & beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical equipment areas. Richmech offers complete bottling system design and line integration services. We are a pioneer in integrating lines utilizing a combination of machinery. Our specialists can assist you with everything from Plant Design to Turn Key operations.

Our integrity, professionalism, innovation and expertise earned us the respect and credibility to work with any size of company in North America, South America, Western & Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, West Indies and Australia.

Our values propel our high professionalism and Ethical standards which in turn enable us to delivery exceptional products and service to more satisfying customer worldwide.

Main Products

(1) capsule/tablet packaging solution- RSA-01 Semi auto capsule filler, RSA-02 Semi-auto capsule filler, RAA-9/8/7 Capsule fillers, RCP-01 Capsule/powder separator, RTD-30/ RTHD-40 Tablet de-duster, RTP-17/23/35 Tablet press machine, RBM-20/RBM-40 Blister pack machine, RTC-10 Tablet counter 2heads, RAC-80 High speed Tablet counter, RATC-60 Tablet counting line 60bpm, RATC-30 Tablet counting line 30bpm, RCPM-I/ RCPM-II(sortor) Capsule polishing machine, RTI-I(belt)/RTI-II(roller) Tablet/capsule inspection machine, RFB-40 Blister pack machine.

(2) Liquid packaging solution- RLFC-50 oral liquid filling/cap sealing machine, RLSC-50 Shampoo filling/cap sealing machine, RLVC-60 Vial liquid filling/plugging/cap sealing machine, RLEC-90 Eye drop filling/plugging/cap sealing machine, RLTF-20 Semi auto tank liquid filler, RSLF-50 Semi auto liquid filler, ROFM-30 Ointment filling machine, RCAP-60 Rotary star wheel type Capping machine, RTPF-60 Tube filler for plastic tube, RTMF-60 Tube filler for metal tube.

(3) Powder packaging solution- RPFB-60 Auto powder filling machine, RSPF-50 Semi auto powder filling machine, RDPF-120 Auto Powder filling/cap sealing machine.