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Auto Tablet Countings RAC-80

auto tablet counter

  • Model No: RAC-80
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

2.Mechanical contact part connected with drugs and drug use SS316 other non-contact parts for the SS304.
3.PV systems with the most advanced auto-fill light function with the operation of the dust a long time.
4.5mm work tablets per minute 6000 production.
5.With dust recovery pipelines.
6.1-9999 bottle can set the number of drugs.
7.With conveyor 1500mm.
8.Drugs matching the number of tablets can be automatically removed device error.
9.Membrane Switch with LCD Monitor.
10.Can remember 30 sets of parameters do not have to change the mold production.
11.Drug ingot can be applied to a transparent capsule shaped tablets, soft capsule.

Specification :

1.Capacity : 360000 pcs/hr
2.Product : Capsule # 00 - # 5 round tablets diameter 5-22mm 3.Bottle : 20-100mm
4.Bottle Height : 80-200mm
5.Power : 220V/50-60HZ SINGLE PHASE
6.Work rate of consumption : 800w
7.Air consumption : 100litter/min
8.Pressure : 6kg
9.Drug storage barrels : 30litter
10.Machine weight : 300kgs
11.Mechanical Dimensions(mm) : L.1800 W .1300 X H.1900

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