Taiwan Brake Technology Corp.

Manufacturer of Auto Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, Brake Lining & Clutch


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Established in 1986, Taiwan Brake Technology Corporation (TBT) has made itself the leading manufacturer of automotive brake friction and lining in Taiwan. TBT persists in its focus in producing automobile and motorcycle Brake Pads & Shoes. We strike all the efforts in one field only to make ‘perfection’ happen. With the belief, TBT builds a complete range of brake pads and shoes application and also a wide material selection for them. Moreover, the quality control management provides brakes of reliability and safety to our customers. TBT’s products are exported to over 50 countries all over the world. With its commitment to quality products and services, TBT is well affirmed by world-class brands from Europe and appointed as their ‘supplier’. Also, TBT’s own brand, INTIMA, gains an excellent reputation and exports to main automobile countries, such as Japan, the quality-oriented market.

TBT realizes brake is the decisive part of the vehicle safety system. Therefore, investment in continuous researches and development are made to enhance brake performance. Introducing Japanese manufacturing and the Japanese technical advisor, hi-tech friction materials and detailed assembly line control are adopted to offer safety and comfort in our braking products. Moreover, TBT equips itself with integrated production lines and test machines of high standard. We strictly scrutinize every detail of the manufacturing process, from raw material storage, friction material formula, blending, grinding etc. all the way to the package and shipment of finished products, all of which are to present the best to our clients.

With the strong R&D team, TBT has developed various unique high-tech and environment-friendly formulas, which are suitable for all types of vehicles. That is why the performance of INTIMA possesses high thermal stability, no fade, noise reduction, and rotor-friendliness, all of which not only excels the OE standard but also protects the environment and your health. Besides receiving the ISO 9001 certificate in 2003, nearly 100 applications have obtained the AMECA and E-mark certifications. TBT also cooperates with academic institutes and testing laboratory to reach the latest technology and keep TBT at the leading position in the industry.

In the future, TBT will be continuing to exceed ourselves, to satisfy all your driving desire and become the most dependable supplier to guarantee your safety and driving quality.

1. Passion
To cultivate the spirit of teamwork, to create a secure, harmonious and developmental work environment, and to provide clients with professional service.
2. Creativity
To encourage staff to maximize their creativity, to develop new technologies and new products increasingly, and to satisfy clients with superior products.
3. Honesty
To establish a fair, impartial, and practical attitude toward work, to become the most dependable supplier to our clients, and to promote the company growth through steady and healthy operation.

1. Upgrading the Management System.
2. Expanding the Global Market Share.
3. Maximizing the Business Value.
4. Take off to the leading player in the world.

Main Products

Product: Disc Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, and Brake Lining.
Application:Passenger, SUV, Performance car, Racing, Taxi
Material: Non-Asbestos (Organic- NAO), Ceramic (CM), Semi-Metallic, Low-Metallic (LS), Performance (SS/SR/SX), RACING TYPE.

Product: Disc Brake Pads, Brake Shoes and Clutch Assemblies (C.V.T, clutch outer, pulley set, face fixed drive, clutch ASS'Y, clutch one way etc.).
Application: Scooter, Dirt, Motocross and Racing
Material: Non-Asbestos (Organic- NAO), Ceramic (CM), Semi-Metallic, Low-Metallic (LS), Performance (SS/SR/SX), RACING TYPE.

Product: Disc Brake Pads, Brake Shoes and Clutch Assemblies.
Material: Non-Asbestos (Organic- NAO), Ceramic (CM), Semi-Metallic, Low-Metallic (LS), Performance (SS/SR/SX), RACING TYPE.