Yea Der Lih Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Yea Der Lih Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, the main products are reverse osmosis water machine, water purification equipments components, PE (RO) pipes and fittings, quick fitting with environmental material, cement template in construction field, distribution engineering pipes, fast-connecting joint for corrugated pipes and fittings, decoration with wood trim plastic foam and all kinds of PVC pipes and fittings. The president of Yea Der Lih has been engaged in this field about 30 years, it is all in one production process from designing drawing, mold manufacturing and products, we are always keep on developing innovative, meanwhile, we are also have every kind of new invention patents to all over the world, Taiwan has a good reputation and good brand name for all of these fantastic products. Nowadays, we are a small and medium-sized enterprises with steadily growth year by year. During running this business, we have been based on principle of servicing first, quality first. To particularly stringent requirements on products, during these years, to acquire a good opinion for all of new innovation products in this field . We are looking forward to expanding the international marketing because of network marketing opening and convenient, we will keep on going to develop environmentally and friendly products to make our life well for all.

Main Products

we provide repair project, electric distribution engineering PVC pipes, universal display stands, architect guide template with plastic components, pvc foamed wood board, trimmer tool of concrete wall, PE box socket of electrical distribution, reverse osmosis water systems, water treatment equipments, RO water purifiers, single ( double) clip ball valves, leakage circuit breaker flow restrictor, water purification equipments components, RO fittings housing wrenches, ro membrane housings, RO tube connectors, water faucets, bars, angle steels, aluminum (iron, magnesium) stand molds castings, fix flakes, stamping dies, pressure ( magnesium) die-castings, plastic injection, PE (RO) pipes and fittings.