Caoton Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Graphite Carbon Fiber Products Manufacturer


Company Introduction

Caoton Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is excellent and reputable in miscellaneous graphite-fiber products, such as automotive & motorcycle parts, bicycle parts and sporting rackets. We also provide OEM services for worldwide famous brands. Many a quality racket for tennis, squash, badminton, American squash and hockey, is well-made and strictly check to contribute with appraise performance.

We also make relatively competitive products for given regions in compliance with customer's demands and specs. Able to launch top-ranking rackets with 100% graphite fiber, we heartily welcome inquiries of importers and chain store owners. Please clearly specify which kind of graphite you prefer since when you quote, since the production cost is arranged according to fiber rates of mixed fibers, graphite and fiberglass.

The braided fibers technology makes it possible to combine several different fibers by weaving them togerther of "braiding" them into a flexible tube.

The result is a multidirectional, strong fiber structure that may contain several different components for the entire design of bicycle parts .

Such a "tube" consisting of several materials enables production of compact, light-weight rackets with low vibration, a narrow cross-section and controlled stiffness.

If you have any interest or question about our products & services, please leave your message at any time.

Main Products

We are excellent and reputable in miscellaneous graphite-fiber composites products, including:
1. Carbon bicycle parts- carbon fiber wheels, frame tubes, fork, after fork, handlebar, riser, seat post, cranks, bottle cages, front fork cover and so on.
2. oem motorcycle & automotive components- wheels, handlebars, brake lever, front and rear fenders, body shell, mirrors, interior decoration panels, spoiler wing fairing and so on.
3. quality racket for tennis/ squash/ badminton/ American squash sports, hockey sticks.