Company Introduction

Company Profile:
GERSUN INDUSTRIAL LTD. provides the best quality for industrial and specialist requirements. We provide a wide range of manufacture. The highest quality, Precision machined components. Custom design: metal parts, finished products, tools and etc.

GERSUN's commitment to excellence in product innovation, quality, value and service is not only by decades of achievement, but by full resources of financially strong company. In addition to delivering products as leading system integrator, GERSUN provides ingle-source solution of industry. One of our main concerns is to delivery our customers with right-first- time integrate solutions for their designs. Quality and dedicated support are at the center of our preoccupation.

We have precise high-speed press production lines, the specification from 20 tons and 110 tons, and can fully meet pressing the demand of processing for customer's metal parts product.

Equipped with many state-of-the-art of Japan NOMURA CNC automatic Lathe (cutting & milling complex) offers full function CNC capabilities on aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Typical CNC processes supported in Gersun include turning, multiple spindle turning, Possess and grasp once only, cutting, milling, drilling, tapping, in one time.

Apart from press and CNC automatic lathe, Gersun has all types of finishing and forming equipments, such as milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, desk type hydraulic press etc, enable us to finishing or assemble half finished products for the customers and provide more services.

In order to raise the products beautiful physics performance improving the products, we can follow with customer demand go on all kind of surface treatment, for example polishing, plating, anodizing and black-dye etc.

Our focused strategy on dedicated are as allow us to offer the best available customer support. We are dedicated to providing engineering service, high quality products and service, flexible licensing models and responsive technical support to our customers.

We, GERSUN INDUSTRIAL LTD. specialize in precision custom metal parts.

The more precision, the more interesting. Not matter lathing, milling, stamping, casting, forging, we have confidence to fabricate for you.

Just send us your specification and we will provide our best service for you in no time.

Await your reply.

With Best regards,
Roger Sun

Main Products

We have well experienced team with top leading machine can fabricate screw, precision metal parts, casting parts or stamping parts, machine tools for you. The more precision, the more better.

Products including:
1. Precision Metal Parts
2. CNC Machining Metal Parts
3. Metal Turning Parts
4. Stamping Parts
5. Customer Design Metal Parts