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Light Duty Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
  • Model No:
    ECM series
  • Product Description:
    Light Duty Horizontal Multistage Pump applications: The ECM series is primarily for industrial use, such as:
    1. Water treatment processes
    2. Industrial cleaners and dishwashers
    3. Pressure boosting
    4. Heating and cooling for industrial proces...
Auto Booster Pumps
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Auto booster pumps are suitable for households, washing machines, toilets and garden sprinkler systems pressure boosting use.
Pressure Control Pumps
  • Model No:
    ECV series
  • Product Description:
    Pressure control pumps can be used for:
    1. Water supply for households and apartments.
    2. Barber shops and restaurants pressure boosting use.
    3. Sanitary equipments and hot water heaters pressure boosting use.
    4.Output: 1/4hp;0.5HP;1HP
Hot Spring Circulation Pumps
  • Model No:
    ELS/ELW series
  • Product Description:
    ELS series sea water application:
    1. Aquacultural industry or aquarium industry water supply. 2. Sea food restaurant or sea water circulation systems.
    3. Cooling tower circulation systems.
    ELW series hot spring application:
    1. Blue sulphur hot ...
CPU Control Constant Pressure Pumps
  • Model No:
    AEV series
  • Product Description:
    CPU Control Constant Pressure Pump can be used for
    1.Water supply and pressure boosting in residential and commercial applications.
    2. Water pressure boosting for barber shop, restaurant,sprinkler systems, washing machine, residence,villas.
Control Panel For Fire Fighting Pumps
  • Model No:
    FFC series
  • Product Description:
    Control panel adopting Chinese National Standard(CNS) of fire fighting pump codes: CNS8917、CNS8918、CNS8919.
Silent Domestic Centrifugal Pumps
  • Model No:
    EK series
  • Product Description:
    Silent Domestic Centrifugal Pumps can be used for
    1. Water supply to top floor water tanks of villas,residences ,apartments ,households and buildings.
    2. Water circulation for industrial equipments.
Submersible Jet Aerators
  • Model No:
    EFJ series
  • Product Description:
    Submersible jet aerators applications:

    1. Basement drainage and dirty water pit.

    2. Water treatment plant, water tank and recycle transportation of sludge irrigation.

    3. The wastewater treatment aeration and agitation for any kinds of factor...