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Company Introduction

Changxing International Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional PVC plastic extrusion machinery manufacturer, has been pushing the R & D, design and production of a variety of plastic extrusion machines. The company's products all over the world, praised by customers and trust. We have the spirit of [service-oriented] [Quality] [customer priority enterprise spirit, the constant pursuit of new technology and complete after-sales service.
Improve product quality and market competitiveness challenge today, Changxing Machinery uphold the purpose of its consistent innovation and service, enabling customers to use more fillers, powder application in extrusion products, able to maintain the high extrusion machine extrusion volume, high mixing effect, in order to reduce the customers' production costs and enhance the competitiveness of its products. The equipment used in PVC granulation, regeneration recycling granulating, hard tube, hose, spiral reinforced pipe, braided hose, steel window frames, bathroom door, wall, partition panels, tiles and plates, plastic-wood building materials. . and small profiled extrusion and PE extrusion tube.
"The Changxing international machinery" in line with the goal of sustainable management direction will be mechanical specialization-based standard, dedicated to the improvement in technology and improvement of R & D work and ideas will be oriented to younger, the transformation of traditional business into infinite work of a creative environment.

Main Products

PVC twin screw level different to the extrusion equipment
A rigid pipe extrusion line
1.PE pipe extrusion line
2 door. Window frames Profile Extrusion Production Line
3 tiles board wave board extrusion line
4 foam board charge to qualify.
5 granulating charge outlet
PVC single screw extrusion equipment
A rigid pipe extrusion line
Two small trim extrusion line
Enhanced spiral Guanya outlet
4 foam board charge to qualify.
5 granulating charge outlet
6. Hose extrusion line
Braided hose extrusion line
PE single screw extrusion equipment