Veltro Technology Corp

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Always in Control.

Every temperature celsius is different and can be crucial. We, at Veltro Technology believe that behind every successful story come with great caring and planning.

Accurate and reliable are the key points that lead to confidence. Therefore, we only provide the best for our customers.
We listen and developed the most comprehensive product for what the market needs, and ensuring that quality are never comprise. Stringent quality check ensure that 100% of the outgoing parts are met. When you feel safe, you know you can trust on us.

Main Products

1. PEPI-Thermostat
2. VT Thermostat
3. Capillary Thermostat
4. Thermometer
5. Battery Charger
6. Paperless Recorder
7. Digital Thermometer with Hygrometer