Turdan Industry Co., Ltd

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Turdan Industry Co., Ltd commenced operations in 1992 in Taiwan for the development and production of high quality, cost effective, AC and DC motors. Our motors are used in customer designed systems to drive a wide variety of industrial applications (like industrial machines, gear boxes, fitness and sports equipment, etc.).

Some of the applications that we currently provide products for are as follows:
· Drive wheels for fork lift and pallet trunks
· Treadmills
· Golf carts
· Swing gates
· Floor scrubbers
· Compressors
· And many other applications!

Turdan devotes a lot of time, effort and resources on exceptional product quality through design and operational excellence. We have been a trusted source for motors for more than 20 years. Our goal is to develop partnerships with our customers for the long term; for we know that their products are only as good as our products. So providing high quality motors and motor assemblies, along with exceptional service, is value that we bring to our customers! In addition, we are an eco-conscience company that strives to improve the environment as we go about designing, developing and manufacturing our products.

Main Products

we provide industrial electric ac motors, types of ac motors, dc motor, ac and dc motors, series wound motors, shaded pole motors, air compressor motors, cooler motors, brushless vacuum motors, juicer motors, dc treadmill motors, low voltage motor, golf cart motors, drive wheels, integrated motor, ac induction motor, custom made motors products.