Xembourg Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Professional Automotive Repair Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier


Company Introduction

Xembourg Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and specializes in the sales of car repair tools and equipment. Our product lines include automotive diagnostic equipment & repair tools, vehicle lifts & hoists, Hanatech ultra 4/5 gas analysers, wheel alignment machine, etc.

Based on the aim of "Quality first, Customers supremacy", we always provide the most professional service and the highest value to customers. If you are interested in our service and products, just feel free to contact us with your questions.

Main Products

car repair tools and equipments- automotive diagnostic equipment & repair tools, hydraulic vehicle lifts/ hoists/ service jacks, Hanatech ultra 4/5 gas analysers, wheel alignment machines, tires changers, tyre wheels balancers, nitrogen generators, tyres gauges and air chucks, tire seals, rubber cements, high pressure washers ( washing m/c), special hand tools 9 handtools) for BMS/ Ford/ Volvo/ Audi/ Chevrolet/ Mitsubishi/ Jeep/ Alfa Romeo/ Volkswagen/ Hyundai/ Porsche/ Nissan/ Subaru/ Toyota/ Kia/ Honda/ Mercedes-Benz/ Mazda/ Jaguar/ Skoda/ Lexus, engine piston rings, hose clamp pliers, multi-function valve clamps, oil filter wrenches, etc, engine stands/ stabilizer bars, DCA/ACA clamp meters, micro computer digital flow meters, pulley removers, exhaust pipe separator tools, coil spring compressors, press machines ( m/c), automotive telescopic transmission jacks, folding ( foldable) hex key wrench sets.