Helic Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Wood Working Tools, Drill Bits & Auger Bits.


Company Introduction

HELIC CUTTING TOOL(MC-AUGER) was leaded by Mike Lee in 1960. We are a well-know manufacturing factory with innovative design and durable structure on a variety of professional Drill Bit and the accessories which delivers the service for the worldwide markets in Construction, Electronic, Railway, Power Pole and Fence Engineering ….etc.

For over 50 years, we have been committed to superior customer support standards on a precision process of manufacturing and its high efficiency as well as an extensibility of the products

Professional Experience
As a distinguished excellence of experience in the global drill bit market also the customized service which we have had shall assure the products can be used in this field and combined with the advanced producing facility for go into a high specialized request of utility engineers market and will remain.

Efficiency Manufacturing
With above respects, HELIC is recognized that maintaining the high quality on products and accommodated with an efficient manufacturing for driving a great capability should actually make an easy control of cost for our customers with a competitive price in any retailer and chain stores in the world.

Customer’s growth is our motivation to keep promoting the growth of Helic.
Innovation is our hearted-goal. Not only the drill bit but developing a multiplicity on hole making tools and others accessories to let all our customers knew the spirits of HELIC is the features you need, the quality you want will in our mind.

With the strong spirit, HELIC never lose sight of the fact that our products go on to play a major role in the lives of our customers on the respects of quality, efficiency and the products extensibility.

Your satisfaction is HELIC’s top priority.

Main Products

we provide hardware, hand tools, wood working tools- ship auger bits, impact auger bits, auger bit, SDS plus auger bits, ring auger bits, scotch auger bits, pipe auger bit, scotch eyed auger bits, jennings auger bits, jennings eyed auger bits, pole auger bits, nail ship augers, lock installation kits, bell hanger drill bits, T bar & machine auger bits.