Wan Der Ful CO., LTD.

Manufacturer & Exporter Infinitely Adjustable Gas Springs

No. 968, Yilin S. Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City 717, TAIWAN, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Company Profile:
WDF with its foundation in Tainan, Taiwan since 1994, the continuous innovation of various Gas Springs have made WDF a well known worldwide company.

Production at 2 millions monthly capacities with just 135 staff is not only a great Milestone for WDF in Year 2014, but also a Breakthrough for the competitors in the same field.

With the ideal of "Transcendence and Innovation" and the goals to pursue "the Top-grade Quality and the Lead of Technology" seeking for highly efficient and quality professional automatic Gas Springs making machinery.

We have dedicated to comprehensive quality advancement and management policy improvement with international prospects and innovative technologies. WDF continues to grow into the role model in the Gas Springs making machinery industry.

Anticipating holding the lead position in the Gas Springs making machinery field and we feel the need of our industry to be environmental friendly.

WDF will never be content with our present achievements and will consistently improving ourselves to reach the top.

The company name, WanDerFul(WDF), alludes to the anticipation of becoming the world's number one wonderful performance in Gas Spring products. Our vision and mission for future are illustrated below.

WDF is committed to achieve it through our management, R&D, operation, integrated sales teams and advanced standardization.

Main Products

Our main products-
1. Dampers
2. Non-Locking Gas spring
3. Locking Gas spring
4. Front fork Gas spring
6. Endfittings