Cirocomm Technology Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.

1F.,No.1492,Chunri Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Founded in 1996, Cirocomm is a leading provider and designer in microwave communication components industry. As the first and the only these years, we are now providing a large scale of passive 3C components, including dielectric resonators, dielectric filter and ceramic onesupplier who has the capability from material development to end products manufacturing in Taiwan. Based on the endeavors through antenna, to worldwide customers successfully. Nowadays the development of Ceramic Industry has been combined with diverse high technologies, as a leader in the ceramic industry. Cirocomm wish to promote Taiwan image throughout the globe by widening ceramics application to electronics, medical, automobile and military fields.

* Quality commitments
* Ensure high quality and innovative products.
* Viewed customer’s fulfillment as the priority.
* Continuing improvement to get beyond standard.
* Keep creating value and aim to everlasting growth.
* Set-up global service network to provide international
and domestic customers service chain.

C= Commitment
I= Innovation
R= Reliable
O= Obligation
With the philosophy of sustainable operation and innovation, Cirocomm commits to provide the best products and service to customers. Meanwhile, as the trustworthy partner, Ciocomm dedicates on enviroment protection and perform the obligatoion of world citizen.

To be the world leading company of wireless component.
To create value for customers.
To create happiness for our employees.

Main Products

we provide rf antennas, rfid antenna, ceramic antenna, chip antenna, dielectric antenna, lte antenna, wifi antenna, fpc antenna ,gps antenna, glonass antenna, 5.8g antenna, smd antenna, nfc antenna, beidu antenna, 2.4ghz antenna, pcb antenna, patch antenna, bt antenna, active antenna, lds antenna, passive antenna, gsm antenna, mechanical antenna, smd patch antenna, custom made antenna, external active antenna, rhcp antenna, lhcp antenna, 5.8ghz filter, dielectric filters, dielectric ceramic filter, 2.4g filter, 2.4ghz filter, rf ceramic filter, band pass filter, wifi filters, disc dielectric resonator, coaxial resonator, ceramic resonators, gps receiver modules, gsm modules, wireless solution, antenna solution, microwave electrics components.