Taiwan Fimitech Corp.

Taiwan Agency of Bechem of Germany


Company Introduction

Founded in 1984, the headquarter is located in the densely-distributed Taichung area of ​​the machinery industry. Since its establishment, it has devoted itself to providing professional service for lubrication applications in various fields of industry. Its business scope covers metal processing oil, heavy machinery Oil, high-end special lubricants and other products sales service.

In order to provide customers with high quality products and technical services, Taiwan Fimitech and established in 1834 Germany's first specialized research and development of "Mo Run learning" multinational company Bechem to establish close partnership with Taiwan's regional distributor of the bit Bechem brand, sticking to the original imported from Germany to promote high-performance products in line with the international environmental standards of the EU to further enhance the overall industrial chain awareness of environmental protection in order to practice the goal of sustainable development of Taiwan enterprises.

At the same time, after years of experience and accumulated technology, the introduction of German high-end technology, investment and set up factories to implement the localization of innovative research and development, production and high quality management standards to Boton brand deep market in Taiwan to provide Taiwan's metal processing conditions of the most suitable products Service and customization needs. Now Taiwan Fimitechs also Boton active marketing in China, Southeast Asia and other overseas markets to promote MIT high-quality products and services.

Taiwan Fimitech marketing Bechem, Boton and Formosa Lubrication, to provide a wide range of product options to meet the needs of various industries. In addition, we also actively cultivate outstanding sales and service personnel and set up new service bases in the north and south to improve the timely, perfect and high-quality after-sales service in all regions.

Main Products

we provide environment-friendly metalworking cutting oil, universal type economical water-soluble cutting oil, spray environmental cutting oil, high-performance oil cutting oil, aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting release agent, processing of molding oil, draw forming oil, high temperature chain oil, vehicle engine oil, industrial lubricants, fire-resistant hydraulic oil, environmental long-term anti-rust oil, valve grease, steel industry lubricants, clean room for grease, paper industry lubricants, high temperature and low temperature anti-card paste, special lubricants & cutting oil, food grade grease, oil analysis services, salt spray test machine, on behalf of customer testing services.