YUH-DEAN Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Professional Engineering Composite Material Company Strongly Developing Engineering Plastics

No.343, Sec. 1, Zhongyang Rd., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City 435, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Established in 1987, YUH-DEAN Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of nylon waste and recycled nylon pellets. It is in the supply of plastic injection plants and exports to the international market.

YUH-DEAN has diversified product range specializing in renewable raw materials manufacturing of nylon, and understands the provision of materials technology to customers and the needs of the market.
A wealthy experience in product quality management and as well strict regulation of product technology control are to position the product standard; in 1998, it is an engineering composite material company strongly develops engineering plastics as the main products.

For example: nylon fiber, nylon added carbon fiber, nylon conductive material, nylon antibacterial materials, nylon low temperature materials, nylon fireproof material nylon + PP, nylon + ABS and other composite materials, and PBT + glass fiber, PBT + glass fiber fire, and etc.
Products are widely used in automotive materials, computer connector, office furniture, pipe fittings, shoe materials, medical equipment, industrial wheels, electrical accessories, bicycles, steam locomotive accessories, sports equipment, umbrella parts, cooling fans, and etc.

YUH-DEAN adheres to the quality first, the integrity of the supremacy of the business philosophy, and excellence in the spirit to continue to thrive in the market to enhance core competitiveness and be a pioneer in the industry.
YUH-DEAN is furthermore an agent for nylon 6 new materials, injection-grade nylon 6 new materials, and nylon 66 new materials.

YUH-DEAN upholds a serious attitude and continuous research of technical improvements to produce high-quality and stability of the nylon renewable raw materials to provide customers with quality products and comprehensive services to help customers create profits and create a win-win situation.

Main Products

Engineering Plastics Composite Materials-
1. Plastic Composite Masterbatches (MOS2 / PTFE) (Antibacterial Materials)
2. PA6.PA66 Plastic Composite Masterbatches (Non-halogen / Flame Retardant)
3. PA6-Repro Pellet / PA6-Virgin Pellet
4. PA66-Repro Pellet / PA66-Virgin Pellet
5. PA6/PA66 Plastic Composite Masterbatches (Glass Fiber / GFRTP)
6. PBT Engineering Plastics
7. Plastic Composite Masterbatches (Super Tough)