Decoration, Fashion Jewelry, Rolling Cutter


Company Introduction

We came from ACCEX ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD-founded in 1986. Our main products included decoration, music box and fashion jewellery. All our OEM designed and original products have been distributed all over the world. We research for the rolling cutter due to the market needs . The rolling cutter is safe and easy operation. The cutting is free and creative with the roller. Finally, we established ART CRYSTAL INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD combine decoration and rolling cutter in 2015.

In 1996, our Guangzhou, mainland China branch was established. With discipline and strict management, we were able to provide higher quality goods.

Providing the highest quality is our company main goal. We have a group of capable designers and technical molders who have continually brought in unique products tailored to customer’s needs.

Facing the challenge of the new era in this changing ,21 st century market, we will strive to work hard and lead the company cautiously to the future.

Main Products

* Decoration
* Zodiac
* Music box
* Shoes Decoration
* Furniture Decoration Items
* Perfume Bottle
* Purse
* Brooch
* Scarf Cover
* Bracelet & Wristlet
* Mirror
* Bag Hanger
* Photoframe
* Rolling Cutter