Sharp-eyed Precision Parts Co., Ltd.

Precision OEM Machihing Parts and Surface Treatment Service Provider


Company Introduction

With more than 35 years of processing experience, Sharp-eyed Precision Parts Co., Ltd. is the largest professional manufacturer of precision parts, brass insert nuts, cnc precision machining parts, forging parts and surface treatment integration in Taiwan.

"Hardworking, Responsibility, and Customer First" are the traditional mottos we have stood on for decades. It requires stable and professional products to fit into this competitive global market. And that's why Sharp-Eyed insists on delivering only the best of the best to our customers. We truly know that "Quality is the starting point of value and respect." In order to assure product quality, we established the Reliability Laboratory to execute all kinds of tests, including torque and pull test, surface roughness test, hardness test, salt spray test and hazardous substances test. Customer's trust reflects our worth. Let our service become your best memorable lifetime choice.

Main Products

we provide industry material processed, brass inserts nuts processed parts, fasteners and hardware, cnc machine parts, casting & forging parts, finishing process, industry applications, precision screws, communication equipment components, optical connectors electric ( electrical, electronic, electro) components, automotive parts, 3c ( computer/ communication/ consumer electronics) components, bikes valves caps, cnc turned parts, cnc custom machining, medical machining, cnc machining parts, cnc precision machining parts, watch bezel, custom made (OEM, ODM) products service.