Sunta Chemical Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.

No. 275 Ellshi Road Cao, Sec. 2, Fangyuan Township, Changhua 52858, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Sunta Chemical Corporation, the leading manufacturer in the synthetic leather industry, aims to manufacture the products with high-grade leather and weaving textures. It not only presents the gloss and tactility of leather and the textures of clothing with the exclusive production methods, but also increase the added value of products by raising the physical properties and functionalities. Sunta will incessantly promote the product R&D and develop the special production methods for casting leather with PVC and PU materials.

Main Products

outdoors faux leather fabric, upholstery faux leather fabric, healthcare faux leather fabric, garments faux leather fabric, sports faux leather fabric, electronics faux leather fabric, bags faux leather fabric.