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In addition to supplying excellent fabrics, we also provide finished garment manufacturing services whether it is OEM or ODM for private label brands!
From jackets, shirts, trousers, t-shirts, swimwear, legging, bags, and much more. We work with the world's most elite clients and provide them with our one-stop solution, from fabrics, trims, all the way to final products.

In addition to working with big brands, we also enjoy working with new start-up / Kickstarter brands due to their creativity and passion for innovation. HerMin is here to make your ideas work, so we are very open to discussing any sorts of ideas, and we can provide expert opinions on how to facilitate your production process while keeping it cost-effective.

Why Choose HerMin Textile?
1. Flexible Minimums: We could start from 50 pieces per style to over thousands of pieces per style.
2. Material Library: Since HerMin started off as a fabric mill, we have thousands of fabrics that we could source from, and figure out the most suitable fabric for your style.
3. Lower Carbon Footprint: Having fabrics and garments both made in Taiwan will decrease carbon footprint significantly since everything is produced domestically.
4. Passion for Innovation: We have worked with various Kickstarter / start-up brands, by providing innovative material for their product launch. We find joy in seeing our customers succeed while executing new ideas.

Process of Finished Garment Manufacturing
Finished Garment Manufacturing Service Flow

If you need OEM / ODM garment manufacturing service, please do not hesitate to contact HerMin for more information!

The Natural Laboratory Project studies the science of bionics in order to transfer natural features and phenomena to textile surfaces with a focus on renewable raw materials such as cotton, wool and linen as well as cellulose and palm fibers. The goal is to highlight the natural characteristics of these materials and to combine them with the newest weaving, yarn and equipment technologies. The resulting fabrics are a natural alternative to modern synthetic materials and are manufactured in harmony with the environment.

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