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Tube Filling Machines RTMF-60

tube filling machine

  • Model No: RTMF-60
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.Transmission of the closure on the platform below, safe, reliable, pollution-free.
2.filling and sealing part of the installation of the platform no more than semi-closed within the static frame visual cover, easy to observe, easy operation, easy maintenance.
3.PLC + touch screen control, color graphics interface, man-machine dialogue.
4.Adjustable speed control positions accompanied by (also adjustable swing angle) the entire series manipulator, control devices and vacuum generators to supply accurate and stable hose).
5.handrails in a vacuum on the tube under the action of turning about 90 º, the hose is pressed into the elastic tube station on the tube cup.
6.Photoelectric on standard workstations with high-precision color detector,stepper motor control patterns in the correct position hose.
7.filling nozzle according to the characteristics and quantity of filling material to determine its size, can provide the form of a blow off nozzle type, style and blow off all of comprehension.
8.No tube no filling.
9.Sealing much more flexible manipulator can be adjusted through different to achieve the end of the second fold, three fold and saddle-shaped tail end off.
10.type code code print workstation automatically requests the position in the process.
11.Fault alarm, overload shutdown.
12.count and quantitative down.
13.Suitable for: Metal Pipe.

Specification :

1.production capacity :30-60 / min
2.Filling capacity :2-80ml / support
3.Filling error: ≤ ± 1%
4.for hose diameter: ф10-28 mm
5.For hose length :50-160 mm (length Lid)
6.Main motor power: 1.1kw
7.Working pressure :0.5-0 .6 MPa
8.Displacement: not more than 600L/min
9.Overall dimensions: 1950 × 750 × 1850mm
10.Weight: 900 kg
11.Standard: saddle-shaped folded sealing device can achieve by adjusting the folding and fold sides of the trilateral. 12.Standard: Xiegua automatic feeding tube position matching the entire series: Laminated Barrel insulation device.
13.Optional: internal agitator barrel selection: automatic feeding device (pump)
14.Optional: pipe finished products output transmission device

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