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Liquid Filling And Capping Machines (Oral Drop Filling) RLFC-50

liquid filling and capping machine

  • Model No: RLFC-50
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.A desired capacity can be quickly and precisely acquired since a singleaxis adjusting piston is adopted in this machine.
2.Parts of the piston is contacting the liquid is made of stainless steel trated with hard chrome to enforce the surface hardness.
3.Bottle delivery line, positioning of the bottle and capping operation are motivated by air cylinder.
4.Automatic cap sedling is designed for those bottle mouths to be sealed wiht aluminum cap and/or spiral-type cap.
5.It is also possible for sealing with plastic cap and the sealing requirements can be adjusted according to the materials of the cap.
6.A safety equipment is attached to this machine, which will automatically stop its operation in case of any fell down of bottle,improper positioning of the bottel to be capped, or of the manual hand wheel is intruded.
7.The soft device permits to reduce the friction loss of machines.thus to prolong the service life of this machine. When specification of the cap is changed, only to replace the star wheel required, the height can be also adjusted according to that of the bottles to be capped.
8.It is very easy to wash and clean.
9.A stepless speed varlation motor is used, the operation speed can be adjusted as desired.
10.It operates independently, or it can be connected with the automatic labelling machine for a consisted intergrated automatic production.
11.Liquid Automatic filling Cap Machine is driver by piston motion.
12.All process of the delivery of bottle, positioning of the bottle, filling tube, and sealing are automatiically operated and meet with the G.M.P. requirements.

Specification :

Please refer to the attached file for the specification details.

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