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Retractile Wires And Cables

retractile wires and cables

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Detail Information

Description :

Retractile wire and cable is used more and more widely because of their elasticity. Many kinds of electric wire & cable as hoop-up wire, power supply cord & multi-conductor Cable¬°Ketc can be coiled. Discussing about the elasticity, wire & cable with different combination of material will become different elasticity as Table 2. SIN YU can design and manufacture the retractile wire and cable according to your inquiry. Just please tell us some detailed specification as Table 1, we will do our best to satisfy your request!

Specification :

1. Coiled style and length. 2. Cable construction: (1) Conductor: conductor number/conductor diameter or conductor gauge size. (2) Insulation: insulation material, insulation diameter (mm). (3) Shielding: braiding shielding, spiral shielding or Al Foil shielding. (4) Drain wire: conductor/conductor diameter (mm). (5) Jacket: outer insulation material, overall diameter (mm).

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