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Manual Type Sewing Thread Bobbin Winders

thread winding machines

  • Model No: AW-F5
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Drum traverse system, no napping happened.
2. High speed, low noise and soilless in wind areas.
3. Positive cone support at both ends. manual change cones, simple and easy.
4. Easy-taking bobbin magazine on each spindle.
5. Density adjusting device, precise, stable and reliable.
6. Equip with oiling device. roll speed. adjustable for percentage of lubricant. available with auto circulating lubricant system by extra pay.

Specification :

1. No. of spindle: 4sp. 2. Package of conicity: 2o 20’ 3o 30’ 5o 57’. 3. Max. wind up dia.: 5 inches dia. 4. Spindle speed: 8000 rpm. (1000~1200m/min). 5. Available traverse: 4/5/6 inches. 6. Capacity: 138lbs/4sp/8hours for 40/2. 7. Power required: 1/2HP x 4. 8. Optional: (1) To equip inverter on each spindle available. (2) To equip auto circulating Lubricant system.

Features :

1. Mechanical tension reduce device self-adjusting tension according the thread length make up to ensure the smooth surface and square shoulder edges.
2. Individual operation each spindle, with yarn counter for preset the length make up. accurate and reliable.
3. With auto stop motion when yarn broke and. over packages.
4. Easy operation and low maintenance cost.

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