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Gear Parts

gear parts

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Detail Information

Description :

Chu Shiang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of powder metallurgy, stainless steel products and etc. Powder metallurgy is a sintering process where metal is placed in a die under pressure and heated in a controlled atmosphere at high temperatures. Our company uses the powder metallurgy to make the gear parts, which could be used for vehicle, chemical equipment, camera and so on.

Specification :

1. Universal: our products can be applied to multiple purpose. We can offer different alloy products according to customers’ requests.

2. Economical: we are well equipped to make mass production and to reduce unnecessary production procedures.

3. Accurate: accuracy is a main factor in our production. We also provide with special surface treatments.

4. High dense: in different portions of alloy, high dense alloy is also available.

5. Lubricational: as the pores of alloy can hold oil, we use this principle to manufacture products with high lubrication.

6. Effective: investing in high precision equipment gives us the ability to produce various and complicated products in one time, fast and effectively.

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