Top Longmax Products Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Orthopedic Appliances.

No. 28, Shih Cheng South 1st Road, Taichung City 407, Taiwan

Company Introduction

TOP LONGMAX was established in 1984. We specialize in producing medical and orthopedic appliances, such as wheelchair, folding chairs, walker, shower chair, rollators, commode, quad canes, crutches and all sorts of support and other related optional parts. We create new products constantly and hope to provide the most comfortable and fit in with humanity equipment. Strict quality control allows us to provide products to stringent markets worldwide. We are proud of our excellent products quality and superior services which have approved from our customers. We had plentiful technique and experience to match with you requires.

Main Products

medical equipments and orthopedic supplies- (1) wheelchairs- manual wheel chairs, transport chairs, DMEs, universal style and full reclining wheelchairs, folding arm moving chairs, sports wheelchairs, electric power wheelchairs, motorized wheel chairs, C.P. ( cCorrection and positioning) chair. (2) commods and bathroom safety- wheeled commodes, swingdown arm commodes, adjustable bath benches, raised toilet seats, transfer bath benches, shower boards/ chairs. (3) rollator and walkers. (4) canes- aluminum rising quad canes, aircraft aluminium and maple wooden walking canes, folding canes, cane racks & bags, wrist straps . (5) handle accessary- wooden/ acrylic/ brass handles, rubber tips, silver carts, wooden underarm and forearm crutches, mini exercisers. (6) supports- shoulder and clavicle supports, deluxe back supports, universal rib belts, elbow support padded, mesh arm slings, foam cervical collars, waist supports, elbow pads, headguards. (7) toilet safety ( safeties)- safety rails, offset handles, living aids, walking sticks, cushions. (8) hospital ( medical equipemts)- automatic overbed and split top overbed tables, stretchers, patient and trolleys, IV stands. (9) related accessory- wall grab bars, optional parts for walkers. (10) living aids- standers, child carts, exercisers, spine nassagers, bed pans, safety belts.