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DR Outward Wheel-Screen Type Solid-Liquid Separating Machine


  • Model No: N/A
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

*The Filter-Separating and Removing of the pellet dirt of the various industrial waste water treatment.
*The Filtering before Tap-water intaking, the Filtering-recovering of the Rainwater.
*The removing of the kitchen waste , grease dross…etc. solid state matter before the wineshop, restaurant , leisure entertainment’s comprehensive centralized water.
*The removing of the dross , suspension pellet…etc. solid state matter of the painting industry ‘s circulating- -recycling water.
*The removing of the bigger solid state matter of the Metallurgy sewage、Mining industry sewage , Wood processing industry sewage.
*The removing of the fragmental solid state matter of the Butchery industry , Meat processing industry , Fish processing industry.
*The solid-liquid separating of the Fruit processing industry , Vegetable processing industry.
*The engineering drainage and large-size waste water treatment of the City mixed raw sewage , Paper & Pulp sewage , Chemical industry sewage…etc.
*The filtering-removing of the dross pellet of the Winery industry , Pickled industry.

Specification :

Spec. \ ModelDR-60-30DR-60-60DR-60-90DR-60-120DR-60-180
Treating Capacity
(Clean Water)(m³/hr)
Sieve Slots
Machine Frame MaterialStandard不銹鋼 ( SUS304)
Option不銹鋼 (SUS316) 、其他特殊材質
Consumption (HP)
Standard accessoriesDriving Motor
(Speed Variable)
Option accessoriesWashing Pump動力需求會依篩縫間距不同而定
External Dimensions (Reference)(mm)L12001200120012001200
Reference Weight (kgs)400700100013001900
Remark :
*If you need Washing Pump and Sewage Pump (Option), please contact us directly.
* The above sheet data depend on the actual treating method and the pollution condition of the waste water.
*The different usage will have the different Sieve Slots (below 0.5mm, over 3.0 mm) and Treating capacities, please contact us directly.
*Our Company will reserve the right of the above design modification and accept customer specifications’ order-made.
*Please ask for the actual Dimension before ordering.

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