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The Oil/Water Separating Machine for Oil Floating Waste Water


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Detail Information

Description :

1. Feature:
*The device uses high effective fiber filter belt, the use of fiber filter belt with capillary filtration adsorption, the effective adsorption surface film, meet with a special scraper designed for getting the two times floating oil or grease removing volume.
*With High efficient and quick waste Oil(Grease) removing, long belt life span when using our Oil-Water Separating Machine(Belt).
*Simple structure design, Easy Installation, Adjustment and Maintenance.
*For reducing the post-treatment burden after using the above equipments to remove the floating oil(grease) of the waste water pre-treatment.
*We will choose the suitable machine Models and Belts for the different waste oil (or grease).

2. Usage:
*For Recycling the separating of Floating Oil and Waste Water produced from all kinds of industries.(Not including emulsifying condition and dregs floating oil…etc)
*The above equipment especially suitable for the applications of Steel / Iron Industry, Metal Industry, metal processing Industry and Metal Surface treatment Industry…etc.

Specification :

Spec. \ ModelGL - 20GL - 30GL - 40GL - 50
Belt Width (mm)90160180300
Treating Capacity (Oil collecting capacity L/H)
(Depends on the features of the floating Oil.)
Fiber Filter Belt35 ~ 11065 ~ 200150 ~ 450220 ~ 750
Stainless Steel Belt15 ~ 9525 ~ 16560 ~ 380100 ~ 630
Power Consumption (HP)1/81/81/81/8
Machine Frame MaterialStainless Steel(SUS304)
External Dimensions
H1400 ~ 1200 (Depends on the actual demand)
Reference Weight(kgs) 30408095
*Please do not use our Stainless Steel Belt for removing High Viscosity Oil(or grease), Please use our Fiber Filter Belt Type Oil-Water Separating Machine for removing middle, low Viscosity Oil (or grease) to get the better removing effect and long belt life span.
*Please inform us the treated waste oil(or grease) and its volume and thickness before ordering.
*Please choose one of Fiber Filter Belt and Stainless Steel Belt after confirming the floating oil property; please ask for the actual Dimension before ordering.
*Our Company will reserve the right of the above design modification and accept customer specifications’ order-made.

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