Ko Win Yang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Plastic Recycling Extruding Machine.

No. 81, Lane 56, Jungtsuo Rd., Lungjing Dist., Taichung City 434, Taiwan

Company Introduction

KOWIn continuously dedicates to the research & development and marketing of various types of plastic recycling machinery for a long period—providing high efficiency recycling machinery and helping customers recycle plastic waste and reproduce into final products—a professional plastic waste recycling and reproducing machinery turn-key plant manufacturer.

Product overview :
1. Shredder
2. PET bottle recycling turn-key plant : including crushing, washing, de-watering and extrusion-pelletizing
3. PET yarn recycling turn-key plant : including crushing, washing, de-watering and extrusion-pelletizing
4. PP, PE film, injection and bottle recycling turn-key plant : including crushing, washing, de-watering and extrusion-pelletizing
5. PVC recycling turn-key plant : including crushing, washing, de-watering, textile removing and extrusion-pelletizing
6. Sheet-making extrusion turn-key plant
7. Various types of extrusion-pelletizing machine
8. Non-stop screen changer with backflush system

To fulfill the sincerity and trust to customers, KOWIn sets up a recycling factory itself, which is a turn-key plant, including washing machine, extrusion-pelletizing machine and waste water filtration system. It recycles various types of plastic material, such as waste agricultural films, waste drip tapes, waste nets, waste bottles, waste injection products and others. Our recycling factory has been in operation and production for a long-term period.

KOWIn is a machinery manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and exports plastic recycling turn-key plant. The sole company in Taiwan that has its own plastic recycling factory, which operates, produces and demonstrates practically.

Based on the practical production parameter derived from the long-term operation in its recycling factory, KOWIn offers educational training to customers in the sincerity and trust to customer.

Main Products

Manufacturer of crushers, plastic recycling extruding machine, PVC compounding extruding machineries, sheet & pipe making equipments, stirrers, mixers, PET sheet making machines, film/ PET recycled machines, environment protection machines, PET/ PE bottle washing machine, film washing machines, thermoforming machinery, cutting machine, hydraulic cutting machines, drying systems, PET dehumidifying drying systems, strand cutting systems, die face cutting systems, vacuum forming lines, cutting & punching lines, blenders, granulators, etc.

Product Highlights

Crusher & Granulator
Microcomputer Servo Type Universal Testing Machine
Squeezing-drying Machine
Strand Cutting Extrusion Pelletizing Machine
PET Bottle Hot Washing Completely Recycling Line

Company Overview

Business Nature :
Manufacturer, Exporter
Year Established :
Annual Revenue :
USD 0 ~ 1,000,000
No. of Total Staff :
1 ~ 50
Current Export Markets :