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Fully Computerized Design Brushing Machines

fully computerized design brushing M/C.

  • Model No: BR9
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Product name: fully computerized design brushing machines.

Specification :

1. Model: br9. 2. Roller width: 2000 mm, 2200 mm, 2400 mm. 3. Working width: 1900 mm, 2100 mm, 2300 mm. 4. Suction air fan: 7.5 hp. 5. Main power: 48 hp. 6. Machine speed: 30 ~ 45 y/min.

Features :

1.Fast speed: average 35Y/Min.
2.Low noise: use main shaft drum transmitted by timing belt.
3.Card clothing wire is the same as the stitch of raising machine, longer duration not easy to get damaged.
4.24-card clothing roller in the same direction and speed of counter pile and piles may be adjusted, and its wearing rate is 2-3% lower than the other type of brushing machinc.
5.The M/C uses the electrical system without any hydraulic and cooling system so that it is quite simple for mainternance and serving.

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