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New Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts

heat resistant conveyor belt

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Detail Information

Description :

Application: in general, it is economical to adopt a heat-resistant belt in case the temperature of the materials being transported exceeds 60℃ (140oF) conveyor belting may be damaged by heat, developing cracks or abrasion through stiffening or softening of the cover rubber and separation between plies or between rubber and ply. Such damage is prevented by proper selection of a belt suitable for transporting materials.

Specification :

1. Materials and softening: there are rubber covers, which vary in degrees of softening according to the temperature, so the temperature should be considered, when selecting the belt.

2. Selecting the right heat-resistant belt:

(1) The surface temperature of the belt varies with the type and size of the material being carried. With large lumps (e.g. sintered ores, coke) which allow air to circulate, the belt surface would be cooler than the lumps.

(2) In the case of powdery or similar materials, such as cements, aluminum, carbon black, etc., there is almost no temperature difference between material and belt surface. Therefore, in selecting a belt, it is necessary to know not only temperature of the material to be carried, but also to have an accurate idea of the surface temperature the belt will be operating at. Some examples of such temperatures are shown in the following table.

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