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usb fingerprint scanner

  • Model No: BIOMINI
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. BioMini is a high performance USB interface, web base fingerprint scanner, which is currently applying to PC or networking security.
2. In the case, we could flexibly use BioMini with time & attendance and access control software to enroll mployee's fingerprint templates to PC and is perfectly compatible with Chiyu's fingerprint time & attendance/access control terminals.
3. Applications: combined with Chiyu’s outstanding fingerprint authentication algorithm bioMini SDK, biomini provides efficient solutions to various security applications.
(1) PC/Networksecurity.
(2) E-commerce.
(3) Groupware.
(4) Smart card application.
(5) Time and attendance system.
(6) Public application.
(7) AFIS.
(8) Health and Medical.
4. Features:
(1) World's best performing fingerprint algorithm: top results in NIST MINEX tests and FVC2004/2006.
(2) NIST certified interoperable template format standards (ANSI378 / ISO19794-2).
(3) Fast matching speed: 1 : 100,000 within a second (genuine matching on intel core2duo 2.13GHz).
(4) Multi-threaded code design fully utilizing multi-core CPU power.
(5) Plug and play USB 2.0 high speed interface.
(6) 500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor.
(7) Scratch free sensor surface.
(8) BioMini SDK for easy application software development.
(9) Supports windows 98, Me, 2000, XP and linux.
(10) Supports multiple programming languages: visual C++, visual basic, c#, net, delphi.
(11) Fingerprint template scanned from BioMini is compatible to all other Chiyu's fingerprint products.

Specification :

1. Fingerprint sensor: optical (scratch free sensor surface). 2. Resolution: 500 DPI / 256 gray. 3. Sensing area: 16 x 18 mm. 4. Image size: 288 x 288 pixel. 5. Interface: USB 2.0 high speed/full speed, plug & play. 6. O/S: windows 98, me, 2000, XP and vista supports linux (debian, fedora, ubuntu) with kernel 2.6.1. 7. Operation temperature: -10 ~ 50˚C. 8. Certification: CE, FCC, MIC. 9. Standards: ANSI-378, ISO19794-2. 10. Weight: 190g. 11. Dimension: 66 x 90 x 58 mm.

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