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ICE Cunterbalance Trucks (1.5 Ton - 5.0 Ton)


  • Model No: FG20C-25C Series(Gasoline/LPG 9L 2.0-2.5T)
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.New Multifunctional Instrument Panel
A large and easy-to-see multifunctional display is perfectly centrally located in front of the eye of the operator. This new multifunctional panel provides all information necessary for the operator and service maintenance.

2.Electric F/R control lever
The forward/reverse lever offers easily accessible fingertip control. It is easy to reach and also for fast and easy directional changes. Using the electric solenoid to control F/r is also improved flexibility of operation.

3.Light lever
The lever is integrated into the electric F/R lever. It is combination of light switch and turn signal.

4.Tiltable steering column
The steering column can be adjusted help to provide the preferred driving position.

Specification :

1.Integral heavy duty overhead guard & chassis
No-bolt completely welds to form a one piece of rigid overhead guard and chassis. This one piece construction gives additional strength to the entire structure. This structure allows truck to be use on uneven surfaces for long working period and not bend.

2.Mast lock system (optional)
The mast lock system automatically locks all lifting and tilting functions when the operator leaves the seat. It is to prevent operator from using the hydraulic functions and drive forklift truck when operators is not seat in proper position.

3.Hydraulic lift cylinder safety
The cylinder has been new design by adding safety check valve to absorb mast drop speed automatically to avoid crashed floor and damage goods, also reduced noise.


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