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PET Sheets (Plastic Sheets)

pet sheet

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Detail Information

Description :

1. PET sheets is a non-crystal thermoplastic, burned completely without any peculiar odour, belonging to recycling environmental protection material.
2. Thin sheets characteristic: applicable for general vacuum forming, hallow molding forming, printing, lamination, plating, adhesive by handwork.
3. Thick sheets characteristic: with high transparence, shock-resistant strength and good rigidity, no embrittlement under low temperature and with excellent machinability (applicable for cnc cutting, electric sawing, and general cutting machine), especially as an excellent printing material.

Specification :

1. Thin sheets facture spec: (1) Thickness: 0.20m/m ~ 1.0m/m. (2) Width: 50cm~140cm . (3) Grain: glossy. (4) Color: transparent . (5) Mini. order: 1000KG Up. (6) Others: colored transparent, white, black (recycle production); mini. order: 1000KG Up.

2. Thick sheets facture spec: (1) Thickness: 0.50m/m ~ 2.00m/m. (2) Width x length: 122cm x 244cm / 91.5cm x 183cm / 100cm x 200cm three kinds. (3) Grain: glossy / paster or pasting-film. (4) Color: transparent. (5) Mini. order: 1000kg up.

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